Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. 

And that means that it’s about to get busy, busy, BUSY here at Linda’s Flowers. 

First of all, we want you to know that it’s important to order any flowers or arrangements that you’ll need for Valentine’s Day as early as possible, so that we can make double-sure to get them delivered on-time. 

Time is truly of the essence at this time of the year, seeing as how it’s one of the busiest times of the year for flowers!

But we also wanted to weigh in on a very important question:

Who should you consider buying flowers for?

This is actually an amazing question! 

All too often, people make the mistake of thinking that Valentine’s Day is just for sweethearts. 

But the truth is that everyone loves flowers—and everyone celebrates Valentine’s Day in one way or another. 

And even if you don’t specifically see flowers as being the ideal gift for some of the loved ones in your life, Linda’s Flowers also stocks a wide range of different types of candy, stuffed animals, plants, and other gifts to make up the difference. 

So for this post, we’ve come up with a range of suggestions to help you figure out exactly who should be on your flower and/or gift-giving list this Valentine’s Day. 

Let’s go in-depth and talk about the special people in your life that you may want to consider buying gifts for this holiday season. 

Who Enjoys Getting Flowers And Gifts On Valentine’s Day?

Your Girlfriend, Fiance, Or Wife

Gentlemen, this one is a no-brainer. 

Get her flowers! 

Trust us, it matters. 

Getting her the perfect bouquet on Valentine’s Day will have her bragging to her friends and family about what an amazing guy you are. 

And that certainly won’t do your relationship any harm, right?

Your Boyfriend Or Husband

Ladies, you may not realize this—but guys enjoy getting flowers as well. 

A lot of people think of flowers as just something for the ladies. 

But the truth of the matter is that they can also make men feel appreciated, supported, and loved. 

Plus, a little color never hurt anything!

If you’re not sure what kinds of flowers to order for the man in your life, give us a call or stop by. 

We’ll help you pick out the perfect thing. 

Of course, buying him chocolates, candy, or even a nice plant for his office can also suffice here. 

The main thing to remember is that it’s the thought that counts. 

Men love to know that the woman in their life has been thinking about them! 

Your Children

Your children are especially important to remember on Valentine’s Day. 

Other kids at their school will probably be getting flowers, balloons, cards, etc. 

So take this opportunity to make your kiddos feel extra loved and appreciated with a special delivery bouquet, a stuffed animal, a card, a balloon, some chocolates, or some other gift this year. 

We carry all kinds of gifts, not just flowers. We can absolutely help you out with this. 

Your Parents

Nothing will make a parent’s day like being doted on by their loving children. 

And sending your parents flowers is one of the best ways to do some serious ‘doting’ this Valentine’s Day season. 

Your Siblings

Sure, you probably don’t always see eye to eye.

And trust us—we know that those brothers and sisters can sometimes be a little crazy! 

But hey—your siblings are your family, and they love you. 

They’ve stuck with you through thick and thin, and they would no doubt love to get some flowers, chocolates, or may even a stuffed animal from you. 

Your Grandparents

All too often, grandparents end up forgotten and overlooked around Valentine’s Day. 

But you can show them that they’re loved and in your heart by sending them some beautiful flowers. 

Your Teachers (Or Your Children’s Teachers)

Teachers are absolute pillars of the community. 

And our local teachers most certainly deserve to be shown some love, support, and appreciation this February 14th. 

So if you have a student in school, consider ordering some flowers for their favorite teacher. 

It’ll doubtlessly make their day, and will just really go a long way toward reminding them that they matter. 

Your Co-Workers

You work with them. 

You see them nearly every day.

You’ve been through good and tough times together (Lord knows that this has been especially true over the past year). 

And there’s just no better way to show your co-workers that you care about them than to remember them on Valentine’s Day.

So whether you order them flowers, a balloon, or even a big stuffed teddy bear—they’ll treasure the fact that you thought of them!  

Make Sure To Order Early!

Of course, ordering early is of paramount importance to make sure that we get your order completed on time. 

In other words—order now. 

We love Valentine’s Day—but it does get hectic. 

If you put in those orders sooner rather than later, you’ll increase the odds of making it before that V-day deadline hits—leaving your loved ones stranded on Valentine’s Day without their beautiful flowers. 

Need some help choosing the perfect arrangement?

Give us a call or stop by. We’d be happy to help you choose the perfect one.