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Outdoor Weddings: What Should You Do If It Rains on Your Big Day?

Learn the best steps for dealing with unforeseen inclement weather on your Ozark wedding day. Bottom line: Planning with a positive mindset, don’t worry too much, just do what you can, and let the love, joy, and romance of the day take care of the rest!

How Far Ahead Should You Arrange Your Wedding Flowers?

Learn how far ahead you should order your flower arrangements for the big day, and how to make the timing perfect.

What Are the Best Flowers to Use/Choose for Your Summer Wedding? A Complete Guide

Choosing the right flowers for your summer wedding involves considering the season, venue, and types of arrangements needed to create a cohesive and beautiful look. Check out our ultimate guide to summer wedding flower arrangements in this blog post.

A Guide to Sending Flowers for Mother’s Day and Graduation

If you’re ‘stuck’ on flowers for Mother’s Day or Graduation, look no further. We’re here to help with this handy guide!

Discover Unforgettable Gifts for Every Occasion

Find out what kinds of awesome gifts you can get (besides flowers) at Linda’s Flowers in Springfield. There are plenty of wonderful items to choose from!

A Guy’s (and Gal’s) Guide to Sending Flowers for Valentine’s Day

Advice you may need to nail down this whole Valentine’s Day thing for your loved one, significant other, special person… whomever it may be, we can help you find the perfect solution this V-Day!

A Guide to Sending Get Well Flowers

Learn the ins and outs of sending the perfect get well flowers to your loved ones. Linda’s Flowers — The best in the bloomin’ business!

December Flowers: The Narcissus & The Holly

Learn why the Narcissus and the Holly may be the best flowers for December gifts right here in the Ozark Mountains.

November Flowers: The Chrysanthemum & The Peony

Learn about the history and symbolism of the Chrysanthemum and the Peony—and why they make perfect November gifts.

October Flowers: The Marigold & The Cosmos

Did you know that each month of the year has its own specific flower, or oftentimes more than one? Follow along as we do a series on these 'birth month flowers' and you'll be sure to learn something new and exciting! In October, the traditional birth flowers are the...