Nowadays, with the convenience of modern commerce, technology, and transportation, it’s possible to enjoy fresh flowers from all over the country (or even from all over the world) at various different times throughout the year.

For example—at virtually any time of the year, you can find beautiful floral arrangements (and even special order certain types of flowers) for just about any occasion through a local florist like Linda’s Flowers.

With that being said, we also live in a state where there are more than enough beautiful local floral species to enjoy and appreciate during the spring, summer, and even fall months. 

One of the amazing things about Missouri is the broad range of flora and fauna to be found in the gentle rolling hills, fertile plains, and well watered prairie country that serve as home to its many natural ecosystems.

(And of course, there are plenty of species to be found within the Ozark Mountains as well.)

But here’s the question:

If you don’t normally spend time out and about in nature or on a farm, how will you know how, where, and when to find fresh cut local flowers—either for your table centerpiece, as a gift for loved ones, or maybe even for an event that you’re planning to host? 

This is a great question. 

And in today’s blog post, we’re going to help you make a plan for doing exactly that.

Sourcing Local Fresh-Cut Flowers – Ask Your Local Farmers

There are a truly breathtaking number of natural floral options to be found growing natively within the state. But even on top of that, there are a lot of people who grow domestic flowers as well—and many of these people would love to share their bounties with other flower lovers. 

The trick is to figure out where and when to find these people to make the most of the natural flower seasons. 

And honestly—your best bet for this comes in the form of farmer’s markets. 

There are a surprising number of farmer’s markets available in Springfield, MO. In fact, a simple internet search will reveal several regular-running options. 

Visiting these locations can be a fantastic way to not only buy locally sourced organic fruits, vegetables, herbs, and other commodities—but it can also double as a way to meet people who would likely be more than willing to help you source the flowers you need for your upcoming event. 

When Do Flowers Bloom In Missouri?

The Missouri Botanical Garden does an awesome job of tracking flower blooming seasons in Missouri on a week-by-week basis. 

They’ve even published a free PDF on the topic, which you can find here

With that being said, here’s a short list of some of the most popular and sought-after flowers that you can find in Missouri, as well as when you should start thinking about sourcing them so as to maximize the opportunity for a fantastic yield during their respective peak blooming seasons. 


In Missouri, daffodils will tend to start blooming halfway through the month of March, and begin winding down halfway through April. 


Tulips will start to bloom in Missouri at the beginning of April, but will only remain in a peak bloom phase for about 3 weeks. 


In Missouri, peonies tend to bloom later in the year. 

They’ll start at the beginning of May, and will bloom for about 3 weeks before slowly tapering off. 


In Missouri, lilies will tend to hit their peak bloom period in the second week of June. 

They bloom a bit longer, however, and may remain in this peak bloom stage until the end of July. 


In Missouri, this iconic flower tends to start blooming right in the middle of May. 

Roses also tend to bloom for quite a while in the Show Me state, and can sometimes even be found as late as when October rolls around. 


Sunflowers in Missouri usually start blooming in the final week of July—though they may persist all the way until the second week of August, depending on the weather and exactly when they were planted. 

In Conclusion

There you have it! 

Our favorite way to source fresh cut local flowers in Springfield, MO. 

Hopefully this post has inspired you to head out to your local farmer’s market to source some of your own fresh cut flowers. 

But remember—here at Linda’s, flowers are our big life passion! 

So if you need some additional help with this project (or anything else flower-related), make sure to give us a call or stop by.

We’re always down for a quick chat (or a long discussion) about the local flora and fauna in the beautiful Show Me state, Missouri!