When it’s time to celebrate the special moments in life, Linda’s Flowers in Springfield, MO, offers more than just blossoms and bouquets. 

Our curated collection of gifts caters to every taste and occasion, ensuring that you find the perfect token of affection for your loved ones. 

Step into a world where every gift tells a story, and each item is hand-selected to bring joy, comfort, and a touch of wonder to life’s most memorable events. 

With an eye for quality and a heart for the sentimental, we go beyond the traditional, inviting you to discover the joy of giving something truly unique. From the softest plush animals that promise a warm embrace to bespoke items that become cherished keepsakes, our offerings are as diverse as they are delightful. 

At Linda’s Flowers, we understand that the right gift can convey a message more profound than words, turning a simple gesture into a lasting memory. It’s not just about the celebration—it’s about making every occasion an unforgettable chapter in the story of your relationships.

Cuddles for Comfort and Joy

Our range of plush animals, aptly named the Smoochy Collection, includes an array of cuddly creatures priced at a cozy $9.95 each. From the Sandcastle Beige Colorama Bear to the whimsical Smoochy Triceratops, these plush pals are perfect for sharing hugs and happiness. 

They are the ideal companions for a convalescing friend, a precious new arrival, or as a sweet surprise for your significant other.

Sweeten the Moment

Indulge the chocolate lovers in your life with our 15 pc Premium Assortment Gift Box

For $29.95, you can add a touch of luxury to any present with this selection of handcrafted chocolates, featuring chewy caramels and roasted nut clusters, all dressed in the finest milk and dark chocolate coatings. 

Each box is a testament to decadence and a most-popular choice for gourmands.

A Personal Touch

Express your emotions with our unique greeting cards

At $5.95, each card offers the chance for a handwritten message, transforming your thoughts into an intimate memento. 

Perfectly paired with any of our gifts, these cards stand as a heartfelt testament to your thoughtfulness.

Celebrate with a Bang

Elevate your gift with the sparkle of our Mylar balloons

At $9.95, these high-quality, long-lasting balloons make every occasion soar. 

Select from a variety of themes to complement your gift and create a festive atmosphere that will be remembered.

Embrace the Extraordinary with Premium Plushes

For those seeking a grander gesture, our Premium Plush Collection features magnificent creatures like the majestic Standing Giraffe

Priced at $35.95, this lifelike giraffe stands tall at 22 inches from head to toe, boasting the kind of quality you’d find at a zoo or wildlife park. 

Crafted with a supportive structure and stuffed with hypoallergenic fiber fill, it promises to be both a striking decor piece and a soft, snuggly companion.

This giraffe isn’t just a plush; it’s an adventure in the form of a toy, perfect for the little explorer in your life or as a unique gift for the wildlife enthusiast. 

As with all our offerings, the Standing Giraffe represents our commitment to bringing you gifts that are as unique and special as the people receiving them.

Whether it’s standing guard in a nursery or adding a touch of safari to a living space, this giraffe is sure to charm and delight. Explore our Premium Plush Collection and find that standout piece that will make any occasion truly unforgettable.

Lasting Memories

For a gift that endures, choose from our selection of ornamental concrete memory stones, such as the “Those We Have Held Plaque” for $49.95. 

These stones serve as timeless reminders of life’s joyous events and can be delivered to several towns around Springfield, including Ozark, Nixa, and Republic.


At Linda’s Flowers, we understand that the perfect gift is about more than the item itself—it’s about the emotion and experience it conveys. From plush animals that offer a warm embrace to chocolates that delight the palate, from greeting cards that bear your words to balloons that lift the spirit, and memory stones that stand the test of time—we have it all.

Visit us in Springfield, MO, or explore our full range online to find that impeccable gift that says you care, today, tomorrow, and always.