Christmas is an amazing time of year. 

And as such, it’s also a time that rewards us when we invest some time, energy, and thoughtfulness into it. 

In other words—you definitely don’t want to just wing it when it comes to holiday decorations. 

And this most definitely includes the dining room centerpiece. 

When it comes to choosing a centerpiece for such an important and special time of the year, it’s important not to leave it to chance. 

From keepsakes, to flowers, to candles, to pine cones—you need this part to be awesome. 

This is a pretty important style and decor decision. 

Plus—we all want our homes to look and feel ‘magical’ for that all-important family Christmas dinner, right?

So in this blog post, we’re going to ‘untie the bow and unwrap’ some of our favorite ideas for keepsakes and centerpieces. 

These decoration ideas will hopefully give you some inspiration for your own home this holiday season. 

Let’s dive in and make the winter season as memorable as possible. 

1. Choose A Traditional Farmhouse Theme

With this theme, you basically embrace naturalistic elements. You’ll want to use pine cones, candles, rustic boxes/baskets, glass candle holders, bells, ribbons, etc. 

Check out this Pinterest page for some awesome inspiration for how to decorate and create amazing keepsakes and centerpieces in tradition with a ‘farmhouse’ theme.   

2. Go Exotic With A Moroccan Vibe

Moroccan-style home decor is generally characterized by arched doorways, rich colors, geometric patterns, and arabesque motifs. It’s basically an architectural style that was heavily influenced by Arab culture, as well as by the decorative styles commonly seen in Spain, Portugal, and France. 

Some pretty cool keepsakes and centerpieces that you can use to decorate in Moroccan style include candles, decorations with geometric patterns, natural animal stuff (think little reindeer ornaments, penguins, bears, etc.), cool metalwork candle holders and tins, wood branches, etc. 

Here’s a Pinterest page that does a great job of displaying some of these elements in action. 

3. Whimsical And Magical

If you LOVE the idea of a bright, beautiful, textbook magical Christmas—then whimsical is probably the style you’re going to want to lean into. 

This style incorporates all of those magical elements you would expect to see for the holidays, including candy canes, little toy soldiers, gingerbread men, bells, snowmen, reindeer, Christmas trees, etc. 

And don’t forget the flowers! Some of the best Christmas flower ideas go especially well with whimsical decor schemes, and include options like:

  • Poinsettia
  • Amaryllis
  • Cymbidium Orchids
  • Azalea
  • And of course—red roses

Need some help with flowers and keepsakes for your centerpiece? 

Don’t hesitate to give us a call or stop by to grab what you need. 

You can also watch a pretty cool tutorial for one of the cutest whimsical Christmas centerpiece tutorials in existence here

4. Minimalist

No discussion about Christmas keepsakes and/or centerpieces would be complete without covering minimalist Christmas centerpiece ideas. 

Here’s the thing. 

Christmas can be fancy. 

But it can also be simple. 

  • You can place a simple miniature tree in the middle of your table. 
  • You could find your grandmother’s favorite keepsake, and display it in the center of your table—along with a simple flower arrangement and a few candles. 
  • You could even use a nativity scene, a collection of candles on a tin, a stuffed snowman, a Christmas gnome—whatever you like. 

The idea here is that you don’t have to go overboard to make Christmas beautiful or amazing. 

And honestly, at a time of the year when so many people can get so stressed out (especially in these crazy times), sometimes keeping things simple is a gift and a holiday blessing all in itself. 


We hope that these tips have inspired you to create a bit of your own ‘holiday cheer’ this year. 

You’re fully capable of creating some pretty amazing magic with nothing but a few flowers, some pine cones, a candle—or even with a trinket or two passed down through the family. 

Decorating is very personalized and unique. 

Just make sure to order flowers soon if you need something special. We get pretty booked up around the holiday season. 

From all of us here at Linda’s Flowers—we wish you a merry Christmas, happy holidays, and a happy new year!