Superstars for Fall

Just because officially, Summer has ended and Fall has begun, there are lots of seasonal flower choices that will carry you right up to and through time to decorate for Christmas.

Here are a few:


Sunflowers symbolize unwavering faith and unconditional love. They make the perfect flower to send to your loved one if you want to express exactly how much you adore him or her.

Sunflowers are a favorite of many and often requested for Fall arrangements.  In a mixed flower arrangement, they are perfect for a focal flower. Want an arrangement of just these beauties? Purple filler flowers, like Limonium or Statice really make them pop! 

Fall-Colored Lilies

Asiatic, Calla and Alstroemeria are all technically lilies but have very different looks. These rock stars are just a few of the MANY varieties of lilies.  

Asiatic Lilies are awesome! They are tough and long lasting and come in a rainbow of different colors. Orange, yellow and burgundy varieties are a stunning addition to cut fall arrangements. They can be a bit messy if the pollen-covered anther is not removed after they open. Be careful removing though, they will stain your fingers if you don’t use a tissue or napkin to remove.

Alstroemeria Lilies are a type of lily with a smaller bloom and have anywhere from 3 to 5 blooms on a stem. Again, they come in many, many colors, including bronzes, yellows, reds, oranges and golds.  They are a great way to fill space in an arrangement. The individual blooms are small, but the fact that there are multiple blooms make them a great addition to cut arrangements.

Calla Lilies are in a league of their own. They are named after the Greek word for beautiful.  And beautiful they are! Often used in wedding bouquets and arrangements, they have a contemporary, soft appearance and a classic look. White is the most common color, but calla lilies also come in many different colors, from the softest pales, jewel toned yellows, to a deep colored eggplant.

Chrysanthemums are a true contender for fall. Cut poms and potted hardy mums will knock it out of the park. Available year-round in many colors, the fall colors of different varieties are hard to beat. 

Pom is a broad term for many varieties of chrysanthemums. Daisy poms, button poms, snowflake poms, and the list goes on and on. They come in all sizes, colors and overall shapes. As with all cut flowers, keeping fresh water on them is key to a longer vase life. This is especially true with any type of pom. They can last weeks in a vase with clean water.  To be so pretty, they’re really tough!

Hardy Mums are one of the first signs that it’s “Fall Y’all”!  So accessible, so many colors and varieties and so easy to care for. For a longer bloom time, buy them early - and choose ones with very little blooms showing if possible. Once you have planted them, just watering and deadheading (removing the spent blooms) will give you weeks of enjoyment of these Fall-Have-To-Haves. 

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