Poinsettias and Pets

New year, new decade, resolutions and what to do with the poinsettias you got in December.

Should you decide that you just can’t part with your Poinsettia that you got for the holiday season, you certainly can keep it year-round. The red bracts will eventually turn green and make a nice house plant. To make them turn back to red, or whatever color you have, for the next year, is a bit of a process but it can be done. Starting about mid-October your ‘settia is going to need about 14 hours of total darkness each day. During the day it will need bright light but should be in complete darkness in the evening. I have never actually tried this (I’m sure that it is very rewarding come December) but I know that it does work – but then, so does buying a new one next year…

And just to set the record straight, the rap that poinsettias get for being poisonous to pets is a little strong. They are not something you want Fido or Whiskers to make a meal of and can cause intestinal distress, but according to the Animal Poison Control Center (APCC), poinsettias are “generally over-rated in toxicity”.

Happy New Year!

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  1. How do I care for them between now and October?
    • Stacey Claypool
      Thanks for asking! Care for your poinsettia much like a regular house plant. They can tolerate a lower light but will thrive in a spot with brighter light for several hours a day. I water my plants once a week. If the poinsettia dries out in between watering, increase the amount you water each week. Miracle Grow or another plant food (I like Schultz's) once a month will make all of your plants happy!
  2. Interesting and helpful. Thank you Stacey!
    • Stacey Claypool
      You're welcome! Glad to help!

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