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Fall in Love with Spring Flowering Bulbs

Often, bulb flowers are the first welcome sign that we have made it through the frosty winter months and Spring & Summer are just around the corner. Daffodils, tulips, hyacinths, dwarf iris and many other flowers grow from bulbs.  You won’t get instant gratification as with annuals, but come spring, after planting bulbs in the…
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Superstars for Fall

Just because officially, Summer has ended and Fall has begun, there are lots of seasonal flower choices that will carry you right up to and through time to decorate for Christmas. Here are a few: Sunflowers Sunflowers symbolize unwavering faith and unconditional love. They make the perfect flower to send to your loved one if…
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Ooh Ooh Boys ~ It’s Hot!!!

In the dog days of summer, the flower beds may be looking a little tired. But a lot of flowers can get a second wind by following a few tips to keep them happy and blooming right up to the first freeze. Drink please Water evaporates quickly, especially during mid-day. Water lawns and flower beds…
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Tips on Ordering for Valentine’s Day

One of the most romantic things to do for your Valentine is to make their day with a special delivery only for them. Whether at their job, or at home, it is always a “Gosh, that-made-my-day feeling” for a delivery person to arrive with fresh flowers and/or other special goodies chosen just for them.

If it’s an option, deliver to someone at their job. People love to receive flowers with an audience and you’re the hero expressing how special the recipient is for everyone to see. The other side of that coin is that your Valentine’s co-workers will be receiving flowers throughout the day - you don’t want to leave your sweetie out, do you?

Is your Valentine going to be at home? That’s great too! Nothing better than your special someone opening the door to a smiling delivery person, holding a beautiful arrangement meant just for them!

When you order for Valentine’s Day here are some tips to remember:

  • Order early! Valentine’s Day is the 14th - every year! It’s best NOT to wait until the last minute to order for lots of reasons. Peace of mind that you’ve taken care of it, better selection and guaranteed delivery. Flower shops will most likely have extra help to deliver flowers on Valentine’s day will most likely have their delivery schedule fill-up. This is especially true for smaller shops and could happen earlier in the week.
  • Roses are very popular at Valentine’s Day, but by no means are your only option. Check out your florist’s website for unlimited ideas. ( is a great place to start!) Partner your flowers or plant with chocolates, plush animal, or a balloon with a special Valentine message.
  • To streamline the order process, make sure you know:
  • Correct spelling of their name (really, it happens),
  • Address of where the delivery is going. If it’s going to a business, be sure to include the name of the business, suite number, building number or department if applicable.
  • What you want to say on the card message. Sometimes people get a little hung-up on what they want to say or think what they want to say sounds silly and are embarrassed to say it to the florist. Believe me people, we’ve heard them all - just speak from the heart. The recipient will know what you mean. Still having trouble? A good florist will have suggestions and help you pen the perfect message.
  • What you want to send - see above. Your florist’s website is the best place for you to get ideas of what they offer. Like to order on-line? Many florists have websites that you can click and go. Keep in mind, you’ll need all of the information that you would if you gave your order over the phone.
  • What credit card you are using and have it ready. If it’s important to you, ask if you can have your receipt emailed to you.
  • Be VERY cautious about ordering on-line with a “1-800” or a “call center” that receives orders and wires (sends electronically) the order to a florist in the recipient’s area. The money you think your spending on flowers in the picture, will be decreased by their service fee and a delivery charge the receiving florist will charge out of the already decreased payment. Find a local, reputable shop in the city where you’re sending, check out their website and place your order with someone you can reach should you have any changes to your order or questions about your order.

Happy Valentine’s Day - Love, love, love!!!