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Always and Forever Casket Spray
Shades of purples, whites and blues including gerber daisies, lilies, carnations, alstro, iris ..

Divinity of Love Casket Spray
A red, blue and orange/peach mix of lilies, roses, gerber daisies, alstroemeria lilies, with a ..

Endearing Love Casket Spray
A red and white mix of 42 long stem roses       Please Note: Seasona..

Exotic Solace Casket Piece
A red, orange & white exotic mix of lilies, roses, birds of paradise, orchids, & alstro..

Graceful Moments Spray
An autumn assorted mix of lilies, daisies, carnations, sunflowers, snapdragons, alstroemeria and whe..

Heavenly Tribute Casket Spray
All different shades of pink assortment to include roses, stargazer lilies and alstro.   ..

Loving Embrace Casket Spray
An assorted mix of peaches and creams including lilies, roses, snapdragons, and gerber daisies. &..

Loving Farewell Casket Piece
A beautiful mixture of Hydrangeas, alstro, sweetheart roses & daisies in pinks and blues. &nb..

Never Forgotten Casket Spray
A lovely assortment of gerber daises, roses, stargazer lilies, asiatic lilies, carnations, swee..

Pure Serenity Casket Piece
A beautiful blue assortment including hydrangea, gerbera daisies, roses, alstromeria lillies, blue d..

Soldiers Tribute Casket Spray
A red, white and blue mixture including roses, carnations and blue delphinium.     ..

Thoughts and Prayers Casket Piece
A red and white mix to include fuji mums and carnations.     Please Note: Seasona..

Timeless Traditions Casket Spray
A pink, white and blue mix including hydrangea, snapdragons and blue delphinium.    ..

Tribute of Love Casket Spray
A yellow, pink, red, orange and pink assorted mix of gerber daisies, liiles, birds of paradise, rose..

A Fond Farewell Casket Spray
Bring majesty to the service with this gorgeous casket spray of orange roses and lilies and other ..

A Life Loved Casket Spray
A magnificent cascade of pink floral favorites accented with huckleberry conveys an outpouring of ..

Adoration Casket Spray
With dignity and grace, brilliant red carnations express the depth of your heartfelt feelings, and..

Always Adored Casket Spray
A graceful and magnificent cascade of delicate pale pink, white, and crème flowers conveys everlas..

Bountiful Memories Casket Spray
Matching luminous all white flowers and delicate garden greenery is an elegantly simple way to lend ..

Dearly Departed Casket Spray
The Dearly Departed Casket Spray bursts with the love and passion that the deceased had for their li..

Distinguished Service Casket Spray
For a military or private funeral, this classic half-couch casket spray is a proud and patriotic way..

Enduring Light Casket Spray
This exquisite casket spray of artistically arranged white flowers is like a blanket of love and car..

Forever Beloved Casket Spray
The Forever Beloved Casket Spray beautifully illuminates the atmosphere of thier final farewell serv..

Garden of Grandeur Casket Spray
A traditional tribute that communicates deep love and eternal commitment. This dramatic red and whit..

Garden of Sweet Memories Casket Spray
A loved one may have passed, but the memory of many happy times together will last forever. This rad..

Glorious Garden Casket Spray
The Glorious Garden Casket Spray has a sweeping look that will add to the elegance and sophisticatio..

Graceful Grandeur Casket Spray
Joyous times and golden memories are recalled with this lovely half-couch casket spray that consoles..

Greatest Love Casket Spray
Express your love and devotion with the traditional elegance of this stunning red rose casket spray...

Immorata Casket Spray
The Immorata Casket Spray offers soft beauty and blushing comfort to honor the life of the deceased...

Island Memories Casket Spray
Tropical flowers evoke tropical breezes in this modern style casket spray. Deep red ti leaves and as..

Lavender Tribute Casket Spray
Honor her femininity and generous spirit with a blanket of sweetly scented lavender, pink and purp..

Purity and Peace Casket Spray
The peaceful purity of this all white casket spray is a touching, inspiring way to honor the depar..

Red Rose Reverence Casket Spray
The deep red flowers of this red rose casket spray speak to the depth of your loss. Express your lov..

Red Rose Sanctuary Casket Spray
Deep reds and tranquil greens both pay respect and convey heartfelt feelings at a time of loss. Trad..

Reflections of Gratitude Casket Spray
For a life that has been joyfully lived, this opulent arrangement featuring lavender roses and green..

Resurrection Casket Spray
The Resurrection Casket Spray inspires thoughts of comfort and peace to those wishing to pay their r..

Silken Serenity Casket Spray
A gracious and tender tribute to a beautiful and cherished life, this elegant half casket spray radi..

Sincerity Casket Spray
The Casket Spray is a wondrous presentation of fresh color and beauty. Rich red roses and carnations..

Strength and Wisdom Casket Spray
A dramatic contrast of brilliant red and tranquil white flowers expresses the range of emotions colo..

Sweetly Rest Casket Spray
The Sweetly Rest Casket Spray is a wonderful way to commemorate a life abundant in beauty and love. ..